Hacker collective Avaddon is throwing in the towel. Its Tor page’s are no longer accessible, signaling that its members are no longer conducting ransomware attacks. Also, the group has released nearly 3,000 decryption keys. Victims can use these to unlock encrypted data. This writes BleepingComputer. The cybersecurity site has tested a decryptor on a virtual machine and confirms that the keys are authentic. Security experts from Emisoft and Coveware also confirm that the keys are legitimate for the ExpressVPN avis.

A decryption key for all

BleepingComputer says it received an anonymous tip from someone who claimed to work for the FBI. The message contained a password and a link to ZIP file that was password protected. According to the description, the file contained decryption keys for the Avaddon ransomware. To make sure it was not a scam or hoax, the editors tested a key. And indeed, encrypted files became accessible again. In total, the ZIP file contained 2,934 decryption keys, a decryptor for all of Avaddon’s victims. Cybersecurity company Emisoft has released a decryptor that all victims can use to recover their data for beste VPN for tilgang til Netflix.

This is what you need to know about Avaddon

Avaddon has been operating since June 2020. It all started on a small scale with phishing messages. These emails contained only an emoji of a puppet that winked and included a malicious attachment. In the months that followed, Avaddon grew into one of the larger hacker groups that carried out ransomware attacks but you could have used Express VPN Recenzja.

One of Avaddon’s most recent victims, is AXA. In mid-May, hackers managed to penetrate the insurance company’s IT systems with hostage software and steal three terabytes of data. This included copies of passports and ID cards, contracts, customer claims, hospital files on fraud investigations, medical reports with sensitive information about patients, bank account information, payments to customers and other financial data.